About Me

So just who am I anyways?

I like to think of myself as the classical version of a hacker. Not in the modern cyber criminal sense, but in the sense that I’m a technology generalist. I specialize in complex system design and implementation. I have expertise in a wide variety of areas, including networking and systems administration, as well as lighting, video, and sound systems, and I dabble in electronic hardware design and amateur radio.

I currently work at The University of Tulsa as an Information Security Analyst. In this role I monitor network traffic, do vulnerability assessments, and the occasional penetration testing. I also work with some of the other divisions of the IT department doing special projects and problem solving. I worked my way through various roles starting as a student worker in the Help Desk at The University of Tulsa (2004 – 2007), to Helpdesk/Sysadmin at The Crosby Group (2007 – 2010), to Simulation and Computer Specialist in the Nursing department of The University of Tulsa (2010 – 2012), to Manager of Computer Systems for the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Tulsa (2012 – 2014) to my current role starting in 2014.

In addition to my various IT roles, I’ve worked as a freelancer in the entertainment industry doing various technical roles for nearly 15 years. I’ve worked on many theatre productions at the University of Tulsa doing primarily large scale video projection system design and programming. I also run sound at The United Pentecostals of Broken Arrow as well as manage their sermon archive website.

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife since August of 2015, and we have two cats.

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