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Christmas Lights 2010

This year I finally got the Christmas lights I've always wanted. Each of the 336 lights is actually an individually controllable 10mm RGB LED. I've programmed a lightshow with music. I've included some tech details below the video. In total, there are six songs. I'll post video of the other songs soon.

Christmas Lights - Mad Russians Christmas from Landy Bible on Vimeo.

I purchased the lights, available from John over at Engineering Solutions, links below.

As far as details about the system... I have eight strings of the lights, four per controller. Each controller takes up almost one full universe of DMX, 504 channels to be exact. The two controllers are connected to a two port SandBox that I got from Sandsys.

MagicQ PC takes care of driving the lights for the usual types of effects, along with my own program .Matrix, which plays quicktime videos to do pixel mapping. The SandBox takes care of merging the two sets of ArtNet streams for output.

To play the music and generally drive everything I used Show Cue System (SCS) which is kinda like QLab for Windows, and is also more affordable. The guys over at SCS even added a new feature for me before I even purchased a license. SCS played the music and told MagicQ when I start playing a cue stack for that song. MagicQ used internal timecode after that to play all the cues at the right time.


Lights: http://response-box.com/rgb/

MagicQ: http://www.chamsys.co.uk

SCS: http://www.showcuesystems.com/

Sandsys: http://www.sandsys.com/

.Matrix: http://www.ljb2of3.net/lights/dotmatrix/index.php